Lady Palms – a fantastic solution for hedging plants and screening.


Our feature plant for this month is the fabulous Rhapis excelsa or ‘Lady Palm’. We’re featuring this palm as these are by far the best buy in advanced Rhapis palms that we have ever seen, they were 4 or 5 times this price 25 years ago.  Most people that enjoy plants and especially palms know that Rhapis excelsa are often extremely expensive; they are without doubt the crème de la crème of potted plants.

Rhapis excelsa grow in a similar fashion to some varieties of bamboo but at a much slower rate. Though they will grow in full sun they are at their best in a moist well drained soil in morning sun or light to heavy shade or even indoors. They make an exceptionally good and spectacular tub specimen either indoors or outside in shade.

They are an ideal screening plant that will reach approximately 3 to 4 metres in height and can look absolutely stunning; and all without the associated headaches of bamboo.

We have various sizes available and at the moment and you can buy these palms, which are the absolute pinnacle of screening plants in a super advanced size in 45lt bags for $200.00, which is much the same price as an equivalent sized, common old garden variety of Lilly pilly, Murraya, Camellia, bamboo or any other common screening plant.

Lady palms - Rhapis excelsa in 45lt bags

Lady palms – Rhapis excelsa in 45lt bags