Heliconia ‘Red Christmas’

heliconia red christmas

Heliconia ‘Red Christmas’ Is one of the most cold hardy Heliconia species in cultivation, ideally suited to the Central Coast. I’m pretty sure we played a big part in getting this plant into cultivation in Australia.

I purchased some plants about 25 years ago from York Merideth in Cromer and grew it for a few years, I could see its potential but I could never grow it fast enough to keep up with demand. About 20 years ago I sent my last plant to a grower in Northern NSW and he was responsible for producing enough material to get it in to many different production nurseries.

Now the gardening public get to enjoy this fabulous plant. Heliconia ‘Red Christmas’ grows to about 1.5 to 2 metres tall in a partially shaded spot in your garden, it flowers in late winter to mid spring. The bracts are a magnificent deep rich red with small white flowers. We have fabulous specimens in flower now. (September)