Bouvardia       bouvardia pic
There are approximately fifty species of Bouvardia and they occur throughout  various countries of Central America. Bouvardia are popular cut flowers and are especially sort after for use in wedding bouquets. The genus is named after the French medical doctor Charles Bouvard who lived from 1572 to 1657.
The most popular variety has been Bouvardia longiflora ‘Humboltii’ a beautifully scented plant with long white flowers but with long arching branches that are prone to breaking.  It will establish into a dense bushy mound eventually. Throughout the warmer months it will be covered in exquisitely scented cream tubular flowers.

Bouvardia 'Royal Dapne Series'

A new range of Bouvardia in a number of colours is now available in Australia. Marketed under the name Bouvardia ‘Royal Daphne’ it is a product of a planned breeding program which had the objective of creating new Bouvardia cultivars having improved quality and flowers of various colors. The first plant in the ‘Royal Daphne’ range originated from a hybridization in a controlled breeding program in the Netherlands, in 1997.The hybridiser has developed a range of plants that are much more upright, robust and compact and present well as a flowering pot plant. The white variety has a faint perfume during the day but the two pink and scarlet coloured varieties have none during the day from our experience but all varieties are intensely night scented.