There seems to be about 375 species of Medinilla occurring in Tropical Africa, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Southern China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Australia, Micronesia, the Solomons, Fiji and Vanuatu. The Philippines having 80 species is regarded as the epicentre … Continue reading


  Bouvardia        There are approximately fifty species of Bouvardia and they occur throughout  various countries of Central America. Bouvardia are popular cut flowers and are especially sort after for use in wedding bouquets. The genus is named after … Continue reading


Inside the garden centre in Gosford

We’ve got a fantastic selection of Bromeliads in the nursery at the moment. From the tiny understory Cryptanthus varieties to the full sun tolerant Giant Bromeliads in the Alcanterea genus, these include the stunning Alcanterea ‘Silver Plum’ and the seldom available … Continue reading

Philodendron xanadu


This week the featured plant is Philodendron xanadu; Xanadu is a great tropical foliage plant with lush tough green foliage and is arguably one of the best ‘tropical style’ plants introduced to cultivation in the last 25 years. Xanadu grows steadily … Continue reading


Hydrangeas are an old garden favorite and are very easy and rewarding to grow. They thrive in moist shaded locations with plenty of light. They are also excellent for cut flowers, fresh or dried. There are many varieties of Hydrangea exhibiting many … Continue reading

Beehive Ginger (Zingiber spectabile)

Their curious long lasting ‘beehives ‘are available in a range of colours and house the many small flowers. In our climate they usually erupt from the ground in late summer and autumn.