Customer loyalty card

Impact Plants Customer Loyalty Card works by crediting your account with 5% of what you spend. This makes it many times more valuable than most credit card reward schemes. You can save up the ‘Impact dollars’ or elect to spend them the next time you make a purchase.

Your point of sale receipt includes details of your current account balance. Your Impact dollar entitlement is not calculated until paid for, this means that you can only spend your entitlements from previous purchases.

The following is an example of how your Customer Loyalty card works; If you spend $100.00 and you get issued a Customer Benefits Card; your account balance is now five Impact dollars i.e. 5% of your sale. On your next visit if you purchase goods for example $50.00; on presenting your card you are invited to use your $5.00, you can elect to take it off your bill or save it up. If you save it, your account balance will now be $5.00 plus 5% of $50.00. Your new account balance will be $7.50. If you elect to take it off your bill you will be charged $45.00 for your $50.00 worth of goods and 5% of $45.00 will be credited to your account for next time. Your new account balance will be $2.25.

So don’t forget to ask for your card next time you’re a purchasing stock in the nursery and bring your new Customer Benefits Card when you’re next visiting us at Impact plants, we hope to see you soon.

Conditions governing the use of your Customer Loyalty Card

All but trade customers can use their Customer Loyalty Card on any purchase in our nursery, it is not valid for use in the Café. To serve you quickly and protect your account balance we have introduced a few requirements governing the use of your card. We ask that you get your card scanned at the point of sale before paying for your goods. We cannot back date and modify our sales records if you may have forgotten your card on a previous visit and subsequent purchase. We may not be able to manually locate your name in our records without your card. Scanning your card is the most reliable and accurate method of ensuring your sale is credited to your account. You must have your card scanned to access any Impact dollars in your account. Impact dollars are not redeemable for cash. Your Customer Benefits Card can only be used at point of sale, invoiced sales do not credit your account with Impact dollars. An initial Customer Benefits Card may be issued free to customers who have spent a minimum of $100. Whilst we take reasonable precautions in protecting our data we will not be responsible for any loss of your records including your Impact dollars balance we are not a financial institution and do not have the associated security. Though your Impact dollars don’t expire we recommend that you redeem your Impact Dollars regularly.